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Button Down Patterned Shirts

If your classic shirt style could use a little shake-up, try the mens patterned shirt. A bold print can be a total game changer when rocking your go-to silhouette. It adds a ton of personality and breaks with tradition in a super awesome way. Under a jacket or all on its own, it’s a style that’s sure to be noticed. From plaid shirts to stripes and more, Hollister offers a ton of great styles of button down shirts for men. All of our best-loved silhouettes are available in pure pattern perfection. The long sleeve checkered shirt is a super cool update to a forever fave and we always love a long sleeve plaid shirt. Available in classic and slim fits, sizes XS to XXL, you can find a style to suit your size as well as your personality. So choose your favourite fit and grab one in every pattern possible. Raise your patterned shirt up to another level when you pair it with a light spring cardigan sweater or zip up hoodie. Shop all mens tops here.