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Women's New Arrivals

New Arrivals

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Girls New Arrivals

What's new with you? For us, it's our fresh lineup of all-new outfits every girl needs for this upcoming season. You can never have too many options and the more versatile the better! Our girls’ t-shirts and tank tops come in every color and style you need to build out your favorite looks. Once you have your top picked out, you'll want a cute pair of shorts to go with it because when it gets hot, you shouldn't have to choose between comfort and style. Our girls' short shorts got you covered! Well, not totally covered... but you get it. A tees and shorts combo is as classic as granny's apple pie, but we don't actually know how to make pie, so we’ll just stick to making really amazing shorts for the latest trend instead. As easy as it is to just pair our tees and shorts together, sometimes you’ll want something simple too. After a full day of classes, you don't need to be making any more decisions, so why not find your next go-to, throw-on dress or romper? Future you will thank you, trust us. Girls' dresses & rompers are just so easy and flattering. Really, what more could you ask for?