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Bras + Push Up Bras

Gilly Hicks has the bras you want. All of them. For real. Your ultimate support system is here in a huge variety of styles, silhouettes, colors, fabrics, lift levels-basically any stipulations you may have, we’ve got it covered. Our styles are comfortable, versatile and pretty/sexy, if we do say so ourselves. Suitable solutions for every item in your wardrobe-that is what we’re here for.

If you’re into keeping it light, our lightly lined bras are here for you-to fit and flatter your natural shape and to keep you supported and totally comfortable, as well. The bralettes are our mega crushes in the world of lightly lined bras. They look super cute when peeking out of your summer tops, but they’re so soft and cozy you may even want to sleep in them. So many colors. All the silhouettes. Seriously: bandeaus, triangles, all of them. If you need a lift, our Push-Up Bras are absolute perfection. They’ll enhance you in all the right places and give you maximum support. The strapless multi-way is a killer solve for any sleeveless situation. Party dress. Backless top. What have you. Our strapless bras are the answer to any outfit. Working up a sweat? We’ve got you there, too. Our sports bras are amazingly comfortable and super supportive whether you’re springing to action or living the lounge life.

Most of our bra styles offer removable padding and adjustable straps and back closure, so get ready for custom style and comfort in pretty much any color you crave. Just add a pair, or ten, of our super cute undies to complete your outfit underneath.