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Your comfort is top of the list, but we wouldn’t compromise comfort for style. No way. Instead we strike the balance in Hollister sweatpants. Like everything else in your Hollister closet, our sweats are built to last and roll with whatever comes your way. Our sweatpants are so soft right out of the gate, and they stay that way wash after wash and season after season. Check out the reviews and you’ll see what we mean. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is protecting them from your friends.

Which pair of Hollister sweats will be your favorite? Take your pick between classic joggers, the relaxed straight leg sweatpants, or our tapered sweatpants, which slim up below the knee into a tapered cuff. Our tapered sweatpants are available in nylon this season, so, don’t miss those – made of sleek nylon fabric and with a drawstring waistband and drawcord cuffs, you can size them to your ideal comfort level with the quick pull of a cord. Wow. Talk about sweatpant perfection. If tapered isn’t your thing, check out our relaxed straight leg sweatpants. A looser fit, straight leg sweat pants will stay relaxed all the way down to your ankle for an easy fit around your shoes. And our classic jogger sweatpants, always a great choice, are ready and waiting with their comfortable fit on top and elastic cuff at the ankle. Every pair of our sweatpants has a drawstring so you can fit them perfectly to your waist.

Also see our collection of jogger pants and jogger shorts. Nice stuff. Start shopping now and don’t forget to snag some new summer t-shirts, hoodies and pull-over sweatshirts.