Find your balance

Your gift card balance is:

    • Gift card country

      • 1Country code

      Each card has a three letter country code. If there is no country code on the card, select USA.

      Gift card number

      • 2Account number
      • 3Pin number

      Combine both of these numbers to make the gift card number.

    • E-gift card country

      E-gift cards can be used in the US, Canada or UK.

      E-gift card number

      • 1E-gift card number is included in the e-mail text.
    • Using your gift card

      • Gift cards can only be used to purchase online at our sites that use USA, British or Canadian currency.
      • Gift card can only be used in-store in the country in which the card was purchased
      • US, UK, and Canadian gift cards can be used in those specific countries.

      For more info see our gift card help section.