• Gilly Hicks Brand Protection

    Gilly Hicks makes cute bras and undies. The only way to buy our clothing is by heading to our company website.

    We've dedicated ourselves to designing and producing the highest quality clothing. However, as we continue to produce our products, counterfeiters are making cheap knockoffs that are often mistaken for the real deal. So make sure that any Gilly Hicks merchandise you buy is from our company website.

    If you think you have counterfeit Gilly Hicks merchandise, or if you see our products somewhere other than one of our stores, let us know. You can email us at BP_Tips@gillyhicks.com. We appreciate your help.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I make sure I'm buying genuine Gilly Hicks merchandise?
    • By visiting our online store
    Can I return Gilly Hicks merchandise that I buy on eBay?

    No. Gilly Hicks guarantees all of its products for fit, feel and quality, but only if you buy it from us. We can't support garments that are purchased outside of the ways described above.

    What is Gilly Hicks doing to fight counterfeiters?

    Everything we can. We believe that the clothes we make are the best, and we will do whatever we can to prevent counterfeiters from using our name to distribute lower-quality clothing. If you think you've seen counterfeit Gilly Hicks products, let us know. Send us an email at BP_Tips@gillyhicks.com.