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Cardigan Sweaters and Hoodie Sweaters

Complete any look in the spring or summer with a cardigan or hoodie sweater from Hollister. If it’s a cardigan your in to, button it up or down, or leave it completely open, that’s the beautiful thing about a new Hollister cardigan sweater. A great cardigan goes with you, not against you. Wear a guys cardigan sweater however you want, whenever you want and bring it along for a surprise spring or summer chill or lend it to someone else when she needs it. Don’t miss our new Cardigan Stitch Shawl with faux leather elbow patches and gorgeous button detail.

Also, know that our cardigan sweaters are made from the highest quality materials to make sure they’re absolutely soft, but also totally warm and comfortable and built to last. They fit over any dress shirts, polo shirts or graphic tees. And - good to know - buy them small to fit tight or larger to fit loose. Totally depends on you and your style and what you want to wear them with.

Our hoodie sweaters are oh-so-comfortable. Technically speaking, they are sweaters. But you won’t feel that way. Wear them when a plain old sweatshirt hoodie just won’t cut it for the night’s events. This season’s tatum hooded sweaters are ready and waiting for whatever summer has in store for you. And then you’ll probably bring them right along into fall and winter. Because, why not? Hollister sweaters are built for your endless summer. Also see our iconic v-neck sweaters or our crewneck sweaters.