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Girls Shorts


Shorts for Girls

The beach is calling…and so are Hollister women’s short shorts. From high-rise to low-rise, give your legs their moment in the sun with our super cute shorts. Denim cutoffs, classic twill, easy athletic styles and more. For every occasion and every personality, you’ll find your favorite pair.

From short shorts to relaxed boyfriend fits, we’ve got you covered whether you’re burning cals or (beach) bummin’ around. Each pair is soft and comfortable and offers a unique vibe all its own. Denim cutoff shorts for women are a number one essential for everyday style. Paired with a t-shirt, tank top or button down shirt, they make a solid foundation for any laid-back look. Plus, with cool embroidery, distressed details and fringe benefits, no two Hollister shorts are ever alike. Twill shorts make an awesome alternative when you want the casual feel of a jean short but you also crave some color. Girls’ high-waisted shorts, perhaps with some embellished details, make excellent options for after the sun sets. With an easy woven camisole or halter crop top, you’ll be ready for those parties on the beach or just wear them over your bikini. And on the sporty side, if you’re the girl who loves a brisk jog along the shore, we’ve got your running buddy right here. The Cali Sport Running Shorts are super cute, lighter than air and come in bright sunny colors like [list colors here].

Don’t forget to check out our t-shirts and tank tops to complete your beach-ready look. Oh, and you’ll probably need some sandals, too.